Adi Ramachandran


Hi! 👋

My name's Adi Ramachandran and I'm an ECE student at Olin!

The Olin College of Engineering is an undergraduate engineering school located outside of Boston, MA. Our curriculum is based entirely on interdisciplinary, collaborative project-based learning.

~it's pretty cool 😃~

Scroll down to check out some of my highlighted projects! For work experience, check out my resume.

Check out our autonomous maze solving differential drive robot!

We built a robot to complete the MicroMouse Competition! Our custom differential drive bot autonomously navigates and solves a 16x16 maze, returns to its starting point by generating a path from its understanding of the maze, and pathplans an optimized route for a final thrilling speedrun to the center. Check out our project website to learn more! Project features ROS, Gazebo, and Python, with graph theory, path planning, and high speed robot motion control.

Particle filter in Action!

We built a particle filter!

We wrote some code to help our cleaning robot locate itself in a known physical map using the in built LIDAR sensor and some math. Check out the blog post to learn more!

OEM imagetelemetry block diagram

Olin Electric Motorsports

OEM is our Olin's Formula SAE team that works to build an electric racecar every year! We work on some lit projects.

Vehicle telemetry software!

During my second year on OEM, I've been working on writing the software and building the data pipeline behind our team's new telemetry system, to live-stream sensor data from the vehicle's CANbus for visualization, logging, and analysis on the sidelines. Check out the design review slides for more info.

Designing a battery management system

During my first year, I worked on designing and testing a more efficient low voltage battery back and associated battery management system PCB. Learn more about my work by checking out my project documentation!

Our Corewars Implementation!


Early in my time at Olin, I decided I wanted to work on a socially impactful entrepreneurial venture. Working with Eamon Ito-Fisher, we reimagined & developed Corewars, an algorithmic thinking game played in Assembly, to enable project-based learning in higher-ed engineering & CS classrooms and lecture halls.

We deployed our code to a university in India in January 2020, and you can see the final product above! Read more about our work on Edual at our full blog post!


Course Scheduler

With over 1000 lines of python, we wrote an Olin course scheduling assistant command line tool for our Software Design final project! Read more on our dedicated project website.

I've also worked on a bunch of other sick projects, including ...

See my github or read my blog for more, below.