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Written by Adi Ramachandran at the Olin College of Engineering. Check out my github or instagram!

Let's build a LIDAR | An exercise in fundamental robotics engineering

January 31, 2021

How I put together my own 360° 2D planar LIDAR scanner (similar to what's found in the Neato XV11 cleaning bot)! ft. GH filters, embedded STM32 programming, and of course, laser scanners.

Building a Particle Filter for a Simulated Neato!

October 22, 2020

We wrote some code to help our cleaning robot locate itself in a known physical map. Click to learn more (and check out our sexy visualizations)!

Reflections on my Hardware Engineering Internship

October 08, 2020

A quick reflection and my top takeaways from my EE internship working at Acoustic Wells, an IOT startup, during the summer of '20.

We rebuilt Corewars and used it to teach Computer Science students in India

April 14, 2020

Hey guys! Here, we'll be discussing our experience building and reimagining Corewars, a computer game from the 80's played in Assembly, and deploying it in an Indian university as an educational, technical, entrepreneurial experiment!

My First Semester At Olin

January 27, 2020

Welcome to my first blog of the twenties – and my first blog post ever. Here, you'll learn a little about one student's perspective on the Olin College of Engineering, about some neat little first-year projects, and more!